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Will distributed satellite facilities and automation maintain holiday hiring as volumes grow at FedEx and UPS ?

An article in the Wall Street Journal (Sept 30, 2016) titled “FedEx, UPS Gear Up for Holiday Season With More Sorting Hubs, Technology” describes moves by FedEx and UPS to create satellite facilities and mobile delivery centers respectively, and increase … Continue reading

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How treating colds in China impacted the donkey supply chain in Africa

An article in (September 29, 2016) available at describes a Chinese remedy, ejiao, used to treat colds and insomnia, that uses donkey gelatin. With a fall in the donkey population in China from 11 million to 6 million … Continue reading

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Should food delivery focused restaurants be structured differently ?

An article in Forbes (July 1, 2016) titled “How Food Delivery startup Maple Moves Fast by starting from Scratch” describes production choices made by Maple, a company focused on food delivery. The article claims that focusing on delivery and using … Continue reading

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Alternate Future Scenarios for US trucking

An article in by Sean Kilcarr titled “Logistics outlook:last mile a major Choke Point” on June 22, 2016 describes four technology adoption scenarios outlined in the State of the Logistics report for 2016. ┬áThe technologies listed include the internet … Continue reading

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The rising role of Supply Chain Finance

An article in the Harvard Business Review by Rogers et al (“The Rise of FinTech in Supply Chains, June 22, 2016) describes the increased role of payments processing across a supply chain. They describe the flexibility for suppliers to access … Continue reading

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$3 billion worth cancer drugs wasted due to package size ?

An article in titled “Why is $3 billion worth of cancer drugs being thrown away?” describes the 100 mg doses of the drug Keytruda, sold by Merck, and the 140 mg treatment requirement for a single patient, that leaves … Continue reading

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Product of Italy” or “Made in Italy” labels

An article in the New York Times (February 28, 2016) titled “Italy Growers Wary of Olive Oil Fraud as New Law is Weighed” , describes details of the “product of” law for olive oil as requiring use of Italian know … Continue reading

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