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Are droids better than drones for last mile delivery ?

An article in the Chicago Tribune (April 19, 2016) titled “Droids, not drones, are the future of e-commerce deliveries”, describes plans by Starship Technologies to develp mobile delivery robots to do home deliveries. The company claims that its robots weigh … Continue reading

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$3 billion worth cancer drugs wasted due to package size ?

An article in titled “Why is $3 billion worth of cancer drugs being thrown away?” describes the 100 mg doses of the drug Keytruda, sold by Merck, and the 140 mg treatment requirement for a single patient, that leaves … Continue reading

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Product of Italy” or “Made in Italy” labels

An article in the New York Times (February 28, 2016) titled “Italy Growers Wary of Olive Oil Fraud as New Law is Weighed” , describes details of the “product of” law for olive oil as requiring use of Italian know … Continue reading

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Will managing delivery logistics help Amazon improve service?

An article in the Wall Street Journal (December 23,2015) titled “Amazon Seeks to Ease Ties with UPS” describes the close relationship between the two companies evolving into one in which Amazon is now attempting to control it’s logistics costs, which … Continue reading

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Will shared luxury car buying succeed?

An article in the Financial Times (February 19, 2016) titled “Car-sharing tests boundaries of the motor industry” describe a company, Orto, that plans to offer four customers shared ownership of cars such as Jaguar F-type. Owners get access for 170 … Continue reading

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Will rethinking operations improve hospital outcomes?

An article in the New York Times (February 2, 2016) titled “Hospitals Focus on Doing No Harm”, describes the dramatic impact of operational changes on outcomes, with an eye to reducing the 75,000 preventable deaths nationwide. Orlando Health reports reducing … Continue reading

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Will negative interest rates cause suppliers to demand later payments?

An article in the New York Times (February 12, 2016) titled “Negative 0.5 % interest rates: Why people are paying to save”, asks if suppliers, in a shift from the past, prevent buyers from paying up front. The logic is … Continue reading

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