Including weather forecasts to improve fashion product profitability

An article in the Wall Street Journal (November 27,2016) titled “The Next Fashion Trend:Weather Forecasting” describes the impact of weather on fashion sales and thus the need for the fashion industry to learn about weather forecasting. It claims that the average temperature last winter was 4.6 degrees above average and thus decreased demand for heavy coats and impacted J.C.Penney’s apparel sales. In response, designer Michael Kors includes a range of fabric weights to cover the possible clothing types that may be demanded in response to weather. Others choose layered options that can adjust to the weather. Which of these options i.e., offer a broader range of weights or offer a layered solution is likely to be the best for the retailer ? Should domestic, quick response yet higher cost sourcing be included as a way to compete ? How might forecasting be linked to product uptake over smaller intervals to ensure profitability ?


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