Alternate Future Scenarios for US trucking

An article in by Sean Kilcarr titled “Logistics outlook:last mile a major Choke Point” on June 22, 2016 describes four technology adoption scenarios outlined in the State of the Logistics report for 2016.  The technologies listed include the internet of things, self-driving trucks and 3D printing. The scenarios include 1) Cruisin’ Down the Highway: In this scenario, regulators work to ease constraints technology adoption that improves efficiency for all, 2) Stop Signs and Red Lights: In this scenario, only the easily adoptable technologies are used and that too only by the strongest companies, 3) Middle of the Road: In this scenario, there is limited automation and incremental change and 4) Dead End Street: In this scenario, costs increase due to regulatory inflexibility and thus limited technology adoption.  Which of these scenarios is likely to emerge as the outcome and how will will impact supply chains ?  How should regulators balance the risk associated with approvals with the entrepreneurial benefit to learning by doing ? What is the opportunity cost of not being proactive with technology adoption in terms of loss of competitiveness for US supply chains ?


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